Marino’s Exits the Pizza Scene

We can all make grandma pizza at home pretty easily, so slinging nostalgia pie could only last so long, especially given Marino’s odd hours and ridiculous wait times. 

Mama’s lives another day

Maybe back in the day it was able to survive, as the bar was pretty low for pizza in Middletown.  Now, we are thankfully living in quality pizza times with titans like Vero Cucino Rustica and Mondo.  It looks like another incarnation of Mama’s is taking over, can’t be any worse than hamburg pie.

Skell Dustup on the Corner

Black male walking away after pistol whipping a white male on the corner of Liberty and Main. The attacker supposedly discharged the weapon accidentally, but is still believed to be in possession of the firearm. We’re sure he bought it legally, so there’s that /s. While this seems to be hoodrat on hoodrat violence, be careful out there folks.

MTown Wing Open

A new wing joint, MTown Wing finally opened at the Metro Square shopping center. Built out in a cursed location that boasts high tenant turnover, (Qawa coffee, and the other chicken operation) MTown Wing offers just the foil to the numerous smoothie and salad places that have popped up everywhere.

Back of MTown Wing

A true outpost of all things fried, MTown boasts 30 varieties of wings and all sorts of other fried health food…fried Oreos even! While B&B is currently king of wings in Middletown, MTown Wing does offer bigger menu and cheaper prices.

Sicily Pizza About to Open

As we reported back in geeze, 2019, More Camp’n News | Liberty Street Chronicles ( the long (and had to be expensive) buildout of Sicily Coal Fired New Haven Style Pizza is finally coming to an end. They mercifully dropped the ridiculous original name, and cut it short to “Sicily Coal Fired Pizza.”

Sicily Pizza about to open

New Haven style and Sicily are very much mutually exclusive, guessing the owners were trying to hit all the buzzwords for meta data results. A few dry runs and “soft openings” (family, friends, compensated “reviewers”) under their belt, look for Sicily Pizza (that’s what people are will call it, get over it!) to open in early July.

Two-Fer Special at Harries

Harries Jailhouse will be opening soon, in the former Bread and Water location on Warwick Street. Serving “classic cocktails” (80’s Alabama slammers? Red Death? Lemon Drops? prolly not) and sandwiches (please, please don’t call them “handhelds!”) this joint should be able to take full advantage of the outdoor dining season, even at that odd location.

From the people that brought you the damn good (and damn expensive) cupcakes at Nora, Harrie’s looks to be following the Twin Peaks/Titled Kilt template…Or maybe just cutesy guerilla marketing, we shall see.

Bring a Knife to a Knife Fight

After some commotion amongst the corner crew, Purple Shoes here, decided to settle it with a knife:

Purple Shoes earned a 5 car response from Middletown PD. They nabbed him by the Connection house on Liberty, gave him a pair of stainless bracelets, and a ride to a room with no view.

Public Market calls it Quits

Public Market, a Middletown icon from the days when horses still clippity clopped on Main Street, will be closing. The newest owner, Josh Morris, did a helluva job keeping up the quality, service and traditions at “Public’s.”

It’s not clear if someone else will take over, if Josh will sell, or even a closing date. Get down there, wish them well, and get the best damn grinder in Middletown while you still can can.