Kicking off the Long Weekend

The “soup kitcheners” kicking off the long holiday weekend with a bang!  A scuffle up Liberty Street brings a 2 unit response from Middletown PD.



Man Down

Unconscious-ish on the sidewalk at Liberty and Main, a friend tried to help, but was shooed away by another corner worker.  Lady cop appeared, and called for help.  Hunters and Middletown Fire on scene.


Convict Cuts Again

Tossed in the pokey after slashing another, um, gentleman at Main and Liberty during a drunken argument back in 2017, Robert Watson has cut again.


This time Mr. Watson turned up heavily intoxicated at La Boca where he was causing a disturbance.  When asked to leave, he decided instead to slash a security guard with a box cutter.   The guard, along wuth Middletown Police, fingered the perp when he tried to lamb it up Main Street.  Hopefully Mr. Watson will be longterm guest up at Somers.  The Boca guard does not seem to be seriously injured.  Great job MPD for getting this menace off the streets.


First and Last and Done


First and Last Tavern is done on Main Street due to nonpayment of rent and taxes.  Just recently changing hands and/or management, First and Last already seemed to be heading downhill in the pizza department when they nixed the coal ovens.  Management also complained of the “parking issue” as was noted by the Liberty Street Chronicles back in January: Parking Gestapo.  First and Last will be out by April 1, no foolin’.

New Coffee Joints

One About to Open – QWAA? QAWA? We couldn’t tell until the permanent sign went up. QAWA, (as in Saki, let the good times roll!) is setting up in the doomed disco chics location, with some sort of Middle eastern connection. Will be a welcome addition, as the dirty place on Court Street is getting ever skevier these days.



One Trying to Stay Open – Perkatory, located in the back of that loading dock looking place next to Bob’s Service, keeps odd hours, never seems to be open. While Perkatory gets a little dewy with their wine-ification of coffee (terroir, and phrases like “hints of”) and won’t do a dark roast, it’s a clean and pleasant place to get a cuppa Joe, or an artsy coffee drink. Plus, there’s no stinky people huddled around the door when you walk in. Check them out.