Way! No, Whey!

Just as fast as Keegans closed up shop, a new proprietor is setting up.  The Whey Station food truck crew are ditching 10w30 and rubber for bricks and mortar.  We’re hoping they expand the menu, as just grilled cheese prolly won’t be enough cheddar to pay the rent.



Main St. Openings and Closings…Or Just Closings

Schlien’s the original cheap furniture store, doing business for 90-ish plus years, has closed.  No note in the window, no scuttlebutt, just empty pizza boxes strewn around inside.  The delivery truck is still prowling around town, and the owner has been seen here and there.


Also abruptly closed is Keegan’s Irish Pub.  Always with the clever sandwich-board sign out front, decent wings, and the occasional scuffle with the soup kitchen denizens, the ole son of erin will be missed.


Be on the Lookout (BOLO) for Eric Outlaw

Habitual troublemaker, beater of women, drug peddler, thief and frequent guest of the prison system, wanted…Again.  Last seen at Aresco’s, Liberty and Pearl.  Use caution, known to carry weapons. known to fight with police.