Pizza Place at Camp Building

Looks like the pizza operation that started their buildout last summer IS moving forward, albeit glacially…and understandably since king ned has his knee on the neck of restaurants. Just delivered were these very sharp barricades:

We’re still confused by “Sicilian New Haven style pizza,” guessing the owner is trying to hit all the trendy buzzwords. Look for lots of hipster menu-speak like “sourced” “currated” “notes of” “hand held.” Overall, nice to see this project moving along during these unprecedented times.

Basil Juice Smash

While they still feature it, go to Perkatory, order a large Basiljuice (💀🌿 This chilling basil and peppermint sparkling lemonade).


Sure, have a few sips on your way home, but save some for later.  A few ounces of your favrorite gin, maybe a sprig of Thai basil, and you have just the thinG to “bring you back to life” in this schfitzy weather! Clinque!

19 Beats 56

Covid-19 beats Cafë 56, that is.  With so many working from home, and a slow lunch trade, Cafë 56 will be closing.  Home to righteous empanadas, Tacandwiches (A combination of Latin American taco fillings served in a Portuguese roll, giving you the great flavors of the tacos you love with the convenience of a sandwich), and the best biscuits in Middletown, Cafë 56 will be very missed. Vaya con Dios Friend.


Cantcha Just Smell It?

Well maybe you’ll have to wait a few weeks more.  Neil’s Donuts, that mecca of baked goods from Wallingford is opening an outpost in Middletown, corner of Warwick and 17.  Not happy just making a superior donut, Neil’s also offers danish, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and great attitude free coffee.